I keep receiving questions from my students on how to view their eBay listings in the ‘Text-only’ format, instead of the gallery or standard list view format.

The fact is eBay has removed that link a few years ago.

Nowadays, whenever you view your own listing, it will give you a view with pictures on the left. But if you have hundreds of listings and all you want is the text-only view with the Item Number, Start Time, End Time, Price, Title and High Bidder Status, this is no longer available.

To view your listings in the Text-Only format, it used be as simple as going to your Feedback profile page and clicking on the link on the right called “View Items For Sale”. Another way is to search for your own listings using the ‘Advanced Search’ link and you will see a link for ‘Text-only’ format at the upper right of the gallery listing.

Although the link to viewing your eBay listings in the ‘Text-only’ format is no longer listed anywhere on the eBay websites, this view is still available if you know the URL.

So, here is the URL link to view your eBay listings in the Text-Only format:


Simple replace my User ID (at the end of the URL) with your own User ID and you will be able to view your listings in the ‘Text-Only’ format.


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