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Not too long ago, eBay raised the bar for Sellers to provide a better Buyer experience but, have you noticed it is getting more challenging to stand out from the other Sellers?

With so much competition on eBay, imagine if you can…

  • Turn your Buyers into loyal, repeat Buyers?
  • Stand out from the rest of the eBay Sellers?
  • Increase your Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR)?
  • Or even beat your high volume competitors?

What would that do for your eBay business?

Recently, I have discovered a product/service that is helping my Students and I increase our eBay sales!

This amazing product/service is called: SendOutCards

What my Students and I have done is, after the item has been shipped, we send out an email notifying the Buyer that the item is on its way. At the same time, since we have the Buyers’ mailing address, we go to our SendOutCards account and send a ‘Thank You’ card to the Buyer to show that we appreciate their business. This is NOT an e-card or electronic card you received in an email form. This is a real, physical card the Buyers receive in the mail, delivered by the Post Office.

With SendOutCards, you can customize your card with a personal message in your own hand writing. You can also include a photo of the item, your eBay Store Logo, your eBay ID, or even a photo of yourself! SendOutCards will custom print the card, place it into an envelope, put a stamp on it and drop it off at the Post Office. You get all this all for approximately $1.37.

Imagine the delight when your Buyer receives a personalized ‘Thank You’ card in the mail from you? Imagine what that could do for your Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR)?

Why would anyone want to do this? With so many high volume Sellers, eBay Buyers lost that personal touch that they used to get when shopping on eBay. They want to feel appreciated. They want to know that you can be trusted and you appreciate their business. With SendOutCards, you can express your appreciation and gratitude for their business.

This really works!

To start using this amazing online system, Click Here! and watch the video.

Here’s the bonus, if you want to become a Distributor for SendOutCards, on the back of every card you send, there will be a link to your own SendOutCards web site. This way, if your eBay Buyers decides to use SendOutCards for their personal or business, YOU get paid! An easy additional stream of income for you!

Don’t take my word for it. I have my account set up so that you can send a FREE card to one of your Buyers, so that you can personally experience this amazing product/service.

Try it and see for yourself how this amazing product/service can help your own eBay business and other business owners in your area! Think out of the box!

Achieve greatness and success on eBay through the power of Gratitude.

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