The majority of transactions on eBay complete without any problems, but in some rare occasion, things may not go as smoothly. For some Buyers, they may resort to leaving a Negative Feedback for the Seller as a form of resolution. The most common question Buyers on eBay ask is, when is it appropriate to leave a Negative Feedback for the Seller?

*The most important point to understand is that, as a Buyer, only leave a Negative Feedback for the Seller as a very last resort – after you have exhausted all other means to resolve your concern.

Here are some simple rules to follow when shopping on eBay.

  • Always read the listing ‘Description’ to clarify the price, size, color, condition, model number, compatibility, etc. and the ‘Seller’s Terms & Conditions’ such as the shipping and handling cost, return policy, country the Seller is shipping to, the courier the Seller is using, etc.
  • Ask all or any questions BEFORE placing your bid or making your purchase. Do NOT place a bid or click Buy It Now, if you still have concerns that are not answered. If the Seller is not getting back to you in a timely manner, you may consider shopping with another Seller who will communicate with you promptly. Remember, your bid is a binding contact according to the Seller’s Terms and Conditions stated within the listing and by winning the item or making your Buy It Now purchase, you have agreed to those terms.
  • Ensure you pay for the item using one of the eligible payment methods, such as: PayPal, ProPay, Moneybookers, Paymate, Credit card or debit card processed through the seller’s Internet merchant account and Bill Me Later. eBay Buyer Protection is not available if you paid using payment methods not specified in the eBay Buyer Protection Policy.

What to do if something goes wrong with your transaction on eBay?

  • Ensure to read the listing Description and Seller’s Term & Condition (including the Seller’s location, shipping method and courier used) again for clarification. If after re-reading the information within the listing, you still have a concern, then, go to Step 2.
  • Contact the Seller directly though email by going to your My eBay>Purchase History and clicking on the ‘Contact Seller’ link on the right side of the item you have purchased. Let the Seller know about your concern. Or you can click the ‘Advanced Search’ link at the top of most eBay page, on the left hand column, click the ‘Find Contact Information’ to request the Seller’s telephone number to be sent to you by email. Give the Seller a call.
  • Allow the Seller the opportunity to make it right for you. Most Sellers will offer superb customer service and resolve your issues as soon as possible.

    *How does eBay Buyer Protection work?

    Even though the transactions are between the Buyers and the Sellers, eBay will protect you if something does go wrong (some exceptions do apply – see Terms & Condition). eBay’s new Buyer Protection is better than ever! It covers your ‘purchase price’ plus the ‘original shipping’ paid. This Buyer Protection is not an optional insurance policy or program, it is FREE when you shop on eBay (some exceptions do apply – see Terms & Condition).

  • If your concern still not resolved, go to your My eBay and locate the eBay Buyer Protection banner on the left hand side column and follow the instructions to open a dispute. You can also get there from the Purchase History page, locate your item, and on the right side, drop down menu, click the ‘More Actions’ link and select ‘Resolve a Problem’. Follow the instructions to open a dispute so that eBay will contact the Seller on your behalf.
  • If the Seller does not to respond within 7 days or that you are not satisfied with the Seller’s resolution, you can escalate the case to eBay Customer Support for assistance.

From the date of purchase, you have up to 60 days to leave the appropriate feedback for the Seller. Therefore, don’t leave it too early. Allow the Seller the opportunity to make it right or eBay’s Buyer Protection to make it right. If necessary, as a last resort, leave the appropriate feedback for the Seller.

Here are some examples where Sellers deserve negative feedbacks:

  • The Seller knowingly sold counterfeit or unauthorized replica items but the listing described it as authentic. You contacted the Seller regarding the authenticity of the item and the Seller made excuses. You may want to warn other Buyers that the items are fake.
  • The item does not function as described. Listing said the webcam is 36MP but actually, it is a 1.5MP webcam with software magnification to enlarge the blurring photos. You may want to warn other Buyers that the items are not as described.
  • The item is an opened package and the quantity is less than what the Seller described. The Buyer didn’t find out until it was used up. eBay Buyer Protection fails to support the Buyer because the item has been used up and unable to return to the Seller. No response from the Seller to resolve the issue. You may want to warn other Buyers that the Seller did not to communicate or resolve the concern.

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